Why Should I Consider Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is revolutionizing the way that people view pre-screening technologies. Just think about how beneficial it can be for a person to know in advance that because of genetic precursors, they have the risk of passing certain infirmities on to future children. It can also mean making decisions about your diet and exercise routine in order to prevent certain cancers that you are genetically predisposed to. This form of testing may be able to help people keep their health at a high level so that inherited gene mutations do not activate, leading to terrible long-term illnesses.

Genetic Testing and Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are turning to this form of testing as a way of improving the type of care that they provide to their patients. A good example of this is disease. Genetic testing can help individuals who have generations of a certain disease in their family and may be at higher risk of developing the disease.

The same testing could be beneficial in helping to create a personalized treatment plan for an individual who was already fighting a certain disease. Treatments can be adjusted based on genetic markers that have been shown to respond well to one treatment or another.

This form of testing has been used for some time in the medical community. However, it is taking on a different dynamic now that there is a market for home consumer testing.

Is Genetic Testing a Good Idea?

It seems like every year, there are new companies that are offering home-based tests that people can use to learn more about their genetic makeup. A popular use for this type of testing is to learn more about one’s ancestry. Others are using this type of testing to determine whether or not they are predisposed to a particular type of disease.

The question that many people are asking is if all of this genetic testing is really in the best interests of the population. Just because a person is shown to be predisposed to a medical condition, it is not a guarantee that they’re going to develop it over their lifetime. On the other hand, genetic testing can quite accurately reveal traits about a person, including things like macular degeneration, hearing loss, what type of muscle twitches they have, etc.

Many people have seen for themselves the benefits of this type of testing. It has given them a clearer idea of their present health condition, it has given them a glimpse into the possible future of their health, and it has unveiled a number of beautiful things about their background. Would you be interested in learning if genetic testing is right for you? If so, make an appointment at The Metabolic Institute, located in Spokane. Contact us today to book your consultation and get started.