Seca Body Composition

Seca Body Composition

Medical professionals commonly use methods and measurements in order to determine health deficiencies, or information needed in order to create a specialized health plan. However, traditional tactics such as BMI (Body Mass Index) measurements are not efficient at determining in-depth information about a patient’s overall health. Where BMI ends, the Seca Body Composition Analyzer begins.

What is Seca?

  • Seca is a revolutionary medical body composition analyzer. It successfully works to gather in depth information about the components of the body that is medically relevant and beneficial. These advanced measurements include:

    • Fat mass
    • Fat-free mass
    • Body water
    • Skeletal muscle mass

    These measurements are collected and demonstrated in six analytical modules that present the information in an easy-to-understand manner. The specified data collected is demonstrated through the precision utilized by the device’s functions of:

    • Standing aid function: ensures that the patient is measured in the proper position
    • Hand-held electrodes that when generated prevent inaccuracies in measurements
    • The durability of the glass platform that is able to accurately support a patient that is 300 kilograms
    • Accurate and quick measurement time of less than 20 seconds
    • A touch display screen with easy navigation

Benefits of Seca

Not only is the Seca body composition machine beneficial for collecting in-depth and accurate components of your body, but it also provides many useful contributions for medical practitioners. The intuitive information provided by Seca can accurately assist doctors in identifying certain health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, and malnutrition. Based on this specific data, doctors can more efficiently determine treatment solutions appropriate for the patient’s specific needs. Personalized health plans and treatments can also be more effectively created based on the analysis of data. The medically advanced information that Seca provides is an advancement that can revolutionize what it means to provide quality, personalized care. For your chance to experience the revolutionary Seca Body Composition machine, contact us today and schedule your consultation!