I am writing to thank the Metabolic Institute Team that alerted us to health issues that most Doctor offices would have brushed under the table.  Your team of dedicated professionals actually answer the phone and care about the patients you serve.  You are to be commended for being a cut above todays medical community.  YOU ALL TRULY CARE and it shows.  Thank you for saving us!!!

B n S


Every time I wander off course, I can always count on those at The Metabolic Institute to get me back on track. When I need a medical solution that addresses the root cause of the problem rather than a band-aid approach, I head straight for answers from Debbie & her colleagues at The Metabolic Institute.



Wonderful staff! Very friendly and helpful in getting me started on a healthier, natural lifestyle.



One of the best healthcare experiences of my adult life.



I have been in several times since 2019 and am always warmly greeted by the desk gals or Debbie herself if she is in the lobby. My appointments have been on time with Debbie spending plenty of time with me to understand. I feel well taken care of and respected by the whole staff. Great clinic!!



I was happy to finally find someone that could help me resolve the many health issues that I deal with.



I was diagnosed with lupus and was told there was no cure. A family friend recommended that I go to The Metabolic Institute. Within my first two visits, Debbie was able to pinpoint the root cause of my health issues and treat them. Within a month of seeing Debbie I was symptom free!



" I really appreciate you and your team. I always see 2 common values in the best clinics – Clinical expertise and a passion for treating people well. This is obvious when you walk in the doors at your clinic as well as in every interaction I have with your team. I just wanted you to know that because it is very rare! You have built a great culture." 😊

Trevor Love MS, CSCS, USAW


"I am Joanne's sister and I have your email address because Jo shared some of your correspondence with me. It has been 8 weeks since we lost her and she is still on my mind every day - a very special person.

I wanted to say thank you to you for all you did for her. I was so saddened by some of her experiences with medical professionals during the two years she was struggling with this awful disease, but so often she told me how much she could tell that you really cared, wanted her to be healthy, wanted to help - and I know that feeling. She and I spent a lot of time together in the last three months, as I am now living in Palm Springs. I took her to a lot of her infusions and we had time to chat in general - she said our talking about everyday things helped her not focus so much on health issues.

If can ever help you - maybe by telling someone senior to you how wonderful you were to a patient who really needed that - just let me know!

Thank you, thank you" - Cindy

"Thank you for all you do to facilitate lifestyle medicine into daily practice and health. You have guided me with good information, smart assessments, and maintaining good health over these past 4 years: going off hormonal contraceptives, healing my gut through allergen testing and diet modification, anti-inflammatory supplements to eliminate the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis, exercise and sunlight - I feel really good!

I had an appointment with my PCP yesterday for the first time in years. As she discontinued various old meds off my chart, deleting supposed auto-immune diagnoses, I updated her on how much better I felt in every system. She ran labs - all of which look beautifully healthy. She was really impressed!

I just want to thank you again for what you’re doing to improve the lives and overall health of many people. It’s working!"


"After a strong referral by several friends, I began working with Debbie Judd several years ago. Under her care, I was able to regain control over hormone issues that were plaguing me and affecting my sleep to the point that I wasn’t sure I would be able to continue my career. I have her and her wonderful staff to thank for the support and guidance that I needed to not only keep working but to feel better and more energized every day. Debbie not only takes all the time and care to help her patients navigate complex metabolic issues, but she has also most recently been incredibly understanding and helpful in addressing patient needs specific to Covid during this challenging time. Thanks so much to Debbie and to all the Staff at the Metabolic Institute!"


I absolutely love Debbie and Buffy! They have been nothing but helpful to me, answered my questions, and have guided me in a direction that no one else has given me as an option. I am so thankful for everyone that works here!"

Brynn Steffan

I have worked with Debbie Judd and The Metabolic Institute for years and can not say enough good things about them. Debbie does a complete analysis of my medical needs. She never leaves a rock unturned to find out my best plan of care. I feel better and trust her completely."

Myrna Rasmussen

Cleanse Testimonials

“To my friends at the Metabolic Institute: Thank You!  Your cleanse program was an eye opener to a whole new world and lifestyle of eating.  Before I did the cleanse, I was actually scared to try this.  All the rumors about getting ill, feeling nauseous, and having the mindset that this would be difficult or hard was some of the many reasons I was skeptical about doing a cleanse.  You have made a believer out of me through your program.  After doing the cleanse I feel lighter, more energetic, and never experienced any of the fears that kept me from doing a Cleanse in the first place.  I will recommend your program to all my friends and family members!  I have changed my eating habits and I’m aware of the foods that make me feel great, those that make me feel heavy and bloated and I now know the difference to healthy eating and a healthful lifestyle. Cleansed and Loving It!” – Eileen Barbieri 

“The Metabolic Cleanse has been a life changing experience I highly recommend it for people who are slightly overweight or have health issues. What I have noticed is more energy, more alert during the day, improved restful sleep patterns and good digestion changes. I plan to continue the process and seek better choice for the future.  Thanks for all you advise and input.” – T.V. 

“This was a very well organized and informative program.  I feel so much better and am thankful for the information and support.  Thank you!” – R.P.