What is Mold Testing and When Should You Consider It?

What is Mold Testing?
Mold testing is a simple procedure that involves capturing a sample of air or surface to check for mold activity. Eradicating mold is not possible, but keeping it at a manageable level where it cannot grow is a realistic goal.

Once you collect the sample, you can send it to the lab for testing. You can also use the available testing kits in the market.

Many people erroneously think that mold testing is a fraud. While there are people who specialize in scaremongering, it is an essential aspect of indoor air quality. You should not ignore this process.

Remember that there are people who are highly allergic to mold spores. Continued exposure to contaminated air can cause severe allergic reactions.

When Should You Consider Mold Testing?
If you already see mold on your home environment, you should not be testing for mold. Instead, you should call an indoor air quality expert or a mold removal company to work on the mold. Here are the signs to look for:

  • A musty smell inside your house – It is a sign that your home is probably under mold attack. If there is a leaky shingle or gutters, it may not leak inside the house where you can see. The moisture from the leak is probably on your ceiling, crawl spaces, or attic. If you can spot such a smell, you should consult a mold-testing expert immediately.
  • If there were leaks in the past – If you have lately fixed your plumbing, leaky roof, or any other issue that caused water damage, you should consider this service. Mold can grow in awkward places before it manifests itself. If there was any water damage in the house, do not ignore it.
  • During indoor air quality assessment – What you breathe can determine your overall health in the future. If you are breathing contaminated air, you will always have health complications ranging from allergies to cancer. You should do IAQ assessments often. During this exercise, you should ask your contractor if he or she has a mold-testing kit. The technician should test for mold, dust, poisonous gases, and other commonly tested substances. The good thing about IAQ testing is because it gives you a holistic picture of your living environment. It also helps you work on the long term issues that can affect your overall quality of life.
  • Increased allergic complications – Such complications include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, scratchy throat and many other complications caused by exposure to allergens. If you have noticed a sudden increase in these complications, you should consider overall IAQ testing. Ensure that mold testing is part of the test. Remember, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander can cause an increased level of allergic reactions. You should rule out all the other possible causative agents before you embark on mold testing.

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