What Is Age Management Medicine?

We don’t have control over whether we will age: we will and we do. How well we age is something very much within our control. Currently, modern medicine has had a “we’ll fix it when it breaks” mentality, but age management wants to change all that. Call the Metabolic Institute in Spokane, WA and schedule a consultation to find out how to look and feel younger even as you grow chronologically older.

What Is Age Management Medicine?

Society that has spent a lot of time getting us ready to feel bad as we age. When we have an ache or a pain, we chalk it up to getting old. Our society makes fun of an “early bird special” because it assumes that as we get older, we can’t even stay awake to have dinner after 4 pm. Our television is constantly barraging us with the doom and gloom of all the diseases we have to look forward to.

Age management medicine shifts the paradigm to one of preventing disease and actually making the “golden years” enjoyable and something to look forward to. It assumes everyone can live with the health, energy, and liveliness of someone years younger and that we can prevent the symptoms of aging much like we can prevent other diseases.

How Does Age Management Work?

It all starts with telomere testing. This testing is based on the theory that we age because we experience a decline on a cellular level. When we understand aging on a cellular level, we can use this data to prevent:

  • Memory loss
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Apathy
  • Depression

Telomeres act as protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, keeping them from unraveling. As they shorten, this leads to premature cell death. Age management applies therapies that facilitate the regeneration of telomeres, essentially resetting the biological clock on a cellular level.

IV Therapies

Our diets lack many of the nutrients we need to function at optimal levels, and what we eat often isn’t properly digested. Using IV cocktails repairs cellular damage and imbalance and increases the body’s natural vitality by delivering quality nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

When working with your age management specialist, you’ll receive IV therapies that will directly address nutritional deficiencies specific to you and what your body needs to stave off the aging process.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements

A key function in age management is using high-quality supplements to restore your body’s ability to heal itself and keep a youthful function and appearance. Age management doesn’t wait for imbalances to turn into disease and dysfunction: it prevents the imbalance from happening in the first place.

Youthful Results

When you focus on restoring youthful energy, function, and appearance instead of waiting for a disease to be diagnosed so you can throw medicine at it, you avoid the depressing state of “being old”.

Call The Metabolic Institute in Spokane, WA to learn how your age doesn’t have to define you. We believe in delivering everything our clients need to retain their youth and slow the aging process.