The Many Benefits of Nutrition Counseling

As Americans, we tend to neglect our nutrition, but a healthy diet plays a vital role in overall health. At the Metabolic Institute in Spokane, WA, we understand the critical role of nutrition and incorporate nutrition services into our functional medicine approach. The guiding principle for these nutrition counseling programs is Nutritional Genomics, the school of thought that studies the relationship between food, the body, and genetic expression.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way With Nutrition Counseling

Obesity is an American epidemic affecting millions, but food can also have positive effects on your health. The right weight loss program for you will take your metabolism into consideration. Since functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of health issues, the Metabolic Institute develops weight loss plans based on information about your:

  • Adrenaline system, such as thyroid, function
  • Hormone production and imbalances
  • Food allergies and nutritional deficiencies
  • Other personal bio-data

Analyzing these aspects of a person’s health often reveals why weight loss can be so challenging for some people. Sometimes, personal lifestyle factors like low activity levels or poor food choices may be the culprits. By combining an individualized, appropriate nutrition and exercise program, you can finally get the weight loss results you want and improve your overall health.

Personalize Your Diet for Your Health Goals

Nutrition is as unique as the patient. Factors like metabolism and body composition will determine which types of diets will be most successful for you. Further, the developing science of epigenetics is showing how our individual genetic expression influences how food affects our bodies. Our experts also offer lifestyle guidance customized to your needs, complete with an accessible online portal to help you track your progress.

Address Specific Medical Conditions

Some patients use nutrition counseling to help manage a chronic medical condition. Several of the common conditions patients seek help with include chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, mood disturbances or disorders, immune system weakness, and skin conditions. Weight-related conditions can spiral into more severe problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cancers, and even heart problems. Naturally, conditions of the gut and intestinal system can also respond to nutrition counseling.

Sometimes, your provider may recommend a dietary cleanse to treat your issue. The cleanse is a 4-week process, beginning with a pre-cleanse period in the first week where you remove certain items from your diet. Over the next three weeks, your provider will instruct you on replacing these foods with items including whole grains and shakes. Counseling from professionals is available at all times throughout the process so you know you will have the support you need.

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