Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy

When you hear the term hormone replacement therapy, you may think of a treatment that replaces something that is naturally missing. This isn’t exactly the case. As people age, their hormone levels fluctuate. A teenager is going to have higher hormone levels than a prepubescent child. An adult in their thirties will naturally have higher hormone levels than an adult in their seventies. Hormone replacement therapy is designed to help people whose hormone levels are not where they should be for someone of their age. At The Metabolic Institute, we are proud to offer this treatment and encourage you to learn more about its benefits.


How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help Men


Testosterone is the hormone most associated with male development. Men require testosterone to build muscle, to produce a healthy amount of red blood cells, for proper sexual development, and for good bone density. When men experience a natural decrease in hormone production, they shouldn’t experience any change in their overall health. The problem is seen when a decrease in hormone production is out of balance with their age. This is where hormone therapy can be beneficial.


Understanding the Health Effects of Low Testosterone


Low testosterone can affect men in a number of ways. One side effect is a reduced sex drive. It can even lead to an inability to engage in sexual activity. Other symptoms include a decrease in energy, an increase in body fat, and a reduction in muscle mass. Low testosterone can lead to depression and difficulties concentrating. Hormone replacement therapy could help these men return their hormone levels to where they should be for a person their age.


Of course, men with low testosterone levels are not the only people who benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Hormones guide the function of our lives. If any one of them is off-track in a man or a woman, it can produce undesirable results that may impede one’s ability to live a quality life.


A hormone deficiency that would require hormone replacement therapy can only be diagnosed by a medical professional. If you feel your hormone levels are not where they should be, we encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with The Metabolic Institute! At our office in Spokane, our team of devoted professionals will be happy to address your concerns, answer your questions, and help determine if this option is right for you. Contact us today to set up your consultation!