Reaping the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

You probably do not feel quite as vibrant and youthful as you once did. In fact, people entering their mid 30s find it is difficult to keep up with the pace they once operated at back in their 20s. These days, it is easier to gain weight, and you may feel fatigued all the time. Though many people blame these symptoms on aging, they are really a sign of something a bit less obvious. As you come into your mid-30s, it is about this time that your body starts to produce less quantities of certain hormones. This leads to a hormone imbalance that helps to explain why you have such low energy, and why it is so easy for you to gain so much weight so fast today. The older you get, the more pronounced these symptoms can become. For a lot of men and women, this is when they start looking for solutions to this kind of hormone imbalance. Often, they will be told that they need bioidentical hormone replacement to get their hormones back on track.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?

When it comes to obtaining hormones to replace what your body is missing, it is common for people to make a choice between regular hormone replacement options and bioidentical hormone replacement options. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are, as their name suggests, identical to the hormones your own body would normally produce on its own. Since your body is struggling to perform that task, the simple solution would appear to be to artificially replace your missing hormones. This way, your body will have a fighting chance to achieve hormone balance again.

Resolving Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

The benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are that obtaining an adequate supply of missing hormones can help to significantly improve your energy levels. With more energy, you may find that you will not need to eat as much to maintain these energy levels also. This means that another incredible benefit of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the ability to lose weight too. With more energy and the ability to drop a few pounds, you will not only start to look better, but you will start to feel better too.

Improving Your Sex Life

Another important benefit of bioidentical hormone replacement is how your sex life can improve. For men and women alike, an increase in certain hormones can improve libido and arousal. Women may experience less vaginal dryness and pain also. Men who receive bioidentical hormone replacement will find it is easier to obtain and maintain an erection during intercourse. Additionally, when you can enjoy sex like you used to, this can help to improve your mood as well. If you have been feeling the low energy and low sex drive slump of dips in your hormone levels, then maybe it is time you contact The Metabolic Institute today! We are conveniently located in Spokane, WA.