What Do I Need to Know About Functional Medicine in Spokane?

Your body functions in a way that is specific to how you were designed to operate. In the realm of functional medicine, our experts in Spokane will be more interested in trying to determine what is malfunctioning with your body and how to address that malfunction, rather than looking for every opportunity to prescribe pills to toss at a set of symptoms in hopes of a good outcome.

While it is true that a functional medicine practitioner may be a medical professional with the full license to prescribe drugs, chances are they are going to look for a more natural approach to solving your medical problems first. As a general rule, this means that prescribing traditional medications will be more like a last resort rather than a first line of attack.

The point behind not prescribing such medications that can create addictions is that a functional medicine professional is not trying to strap you down with a worse problem than you walked through the door with. Instead, a functional medicine practitioner will seek to make residents of Spokane, like yourself, less dependent on drugs, and try to reduce the number of drugs other doctors have placed you on, if possible.

There is enough evidence to suggest that the vast numbers of people are seeing significant positive results to warrant giving these healing methods a try. In most cases, the natural and holistic remedies recommended by a functional medicine expert will not tend to produce something as serious as a drug dependency problem and countless side effects often seen in patients who choose to go the traditional medical route.

What you should know about functional medicine in Spokane is that the medical professionals who practice it have a real conscience, and they want to try less harmful treatment options that often work to get patients well without constantly resorting to all the harm done to patients by the drugs produced within the pharmaceutical industry.

We are proud to offer functional medicine at The Metabolic Institute in Spokane. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services!