Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

Molecular Hydrogen (H2)- A Tiny Molecule with Amazing Health Benefits

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) may be a small molecule but it packs a powerful punch when you consider the
1200+ studies and publications that support its potential health benefits. Based on its size and neutral
charge, H2 can cross cell membranes giving it the ability to access DNA and mitochondria. Once inside
the cell, it goes to work protecting them from free radicals that contribute to the progression of diseases
and aging.

What are the potential health benefits?

Some of the research shows the following:
1) H2 supports the body’s antioxidant system and can protect cells from oxidative stress.
2) H2 is anti-inflammatory and may reduce pain. Animal studies and Rheumatoid Arthritis studies
in humans look promising.
3) H2 can improve recovery times in athletes. Studies in elite athletes showed a reduction in lactic
acid build-up after intense workouts, leading to reduced muscle fatigue and shortened recovery
4) H2 has neuroprotective properties. Studies in patients with Parkinson’s Disease show a
reduction in damage to the brain.
5) H2 studies show improvement in insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control. Improvements in
cholesterol levels have also been documented. H2 is a potential powerhouse in treating
diseases like diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
6) H2 is believed to protect the organs in the body through its anti-inflammatory/oxidative stress
fighting properties.

Here at The Metabolic Institute, we are excited to introduce our patients to the benefits H2 Therapy.
We offer two forms of H2. Please call the office for details or to schedule an appointment.

The “rabbit-hole” is extensive. We have included some links for you to do your own research.