Long Haulers Post Covid Infection/Post Vaccine Syndrome

A majority of individuals who contract coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or receive a Covid vaccine recover within a few weeks. However, there are significant overlaps between symptoms and features of Covid -19 infection and Post Covid Vaccine Syndrome. A recent study from the University of Washington found
that 32.7% of COVID-19 outpatients developed long-haul symptoms and 31.3% of hospitalized patients became long-haulers. In people with autoimmune disease, that number can be as high as 50%.  Most markedly, severe neurological symptoms appear to be more common in post vaccine syndrome.

Symptoms of “Long Covid” and Post Vaccine Syndrome highlight immune dysregulation. Symptoms may include prolonged fatigue, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, cough, joint pain, chest pain, cognitive or memory/ concentration issues; sleep problems, muscle pain or headache, fast or pounding
heartbeat, loss of smell or taste, new or worsened GI symptoms, depression or anxiety, fever, dizziness when you stand, and worsened symptoms after physical or mental activities.

At The Metabolic Institute, we use a comprehensive, individualized Functional Medicine approach to address each patients’ symptoms and disease syndrome. Treatment strategies focus on ridding the cell of the spike protein and limit the toxic effects of the spike protein.  Testing is crucial to assess a patient’s “terrain”. Nutrition interventions are key to supporting immune function; moderate exercise and immune modulating nutraceuticals and medications are utilized in an
individualized program. We will examine and treat the underlying contributors to your condition.  Enlisting the help of a specialist who can examine the root cause rather than merely the symptoms is critical to begin and sustain the healing process.

If you think you have Covid Long haulers or Post Vaccine Syndrome, contact The Metabolic Institute for more information.  Ph: 509-747-7066