Learn about IV Therapy and Peptide Therapy in Spokane

If you aren’t feeling your best, then IV therapy with peptides in Spokane can help you to feel better. There are several types of peptides that have a wide variety of benefits for the body and the mind. Peptides are types of amino acids that your body requires for optimal wellness. There are natural sources for peptides such as dairy foods, soybeans, eggs and meat. Some plant-based foods contain smaller amounts of peptides. However, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, then getting enough of these peptides is difficult. 

Most peptides are in high-protein foods such as beef, pork, poultry and milk. In addition, you could have a gastrointestinal issue or other health problem that makes the absorption of amino acids difficult. This is why we offer IV therapy that includes using peptides as part of the treatment plan. While in school, you may never have learned about peptides because researchers are still trying to understand these nutrients. Peptides offer a lot of different types of benefits for your body, including:

  • Regulating your hormones
  • Improving the strength of your muscles
  • Boosting the beauty of your skin
  • Improving the flexibility of the joints
  • Preventing aging of the skin, organs and brain
  • Increasing the strength of the teeth and bones
  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Protecting the heart, arteries and blood vessels
  • Regulating the body’s insulin levels 

What Are the Benefits from Professional IV Therapy?

Fortunately, with IV therapy, you can overcome a peptide deficiency quickly. IV therapy involves injecting a substance directly into the veins so that you can feel better without drinking a beverage or consuming food. A phlebotomist or a physician will use a special medical device to create a small hole in your forearm so that it is possible to have the IV therapy that contains the peptide substance. The process of undergoing IV therapy can require one or more hours as the substance drips slowly into the vein to enter the body gradually. There are no diverse aftereffects from having IV therapy with peptides, but there are benefits that include:

  • Improving the body’s immunity levels
  • Overcoming the exposure to pollutants 
  • Protecting the brain from dementia conditions 
  • Overcoming mood disorders such as anxiety or depression
  • Improving your cognitive abilities 
  • Preventing illnesses
  • Strengthening the body’s muscles, tendons and bones
  • Increasing your energy levels 
  • Improving your facial and body skin
  • Delaying the aging process
  • Increasing your weight loss 
  • Hydrating the body 

To learn more about the benefits of IV therapy with peptides, consider us here at The Metabolic Institute in Spokane, WA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!