How is Functional Medicine Different?

Functional medicine is different from the traditional medical care that you are accustomed to receiving from a physician. This is considered a type of alternative medicine because it focuses on the interaction of your body’s various systems with your surrounding environment. Rather than only treating a disease or health issue, functional medicine professionals try to determine the cause of the medical problem.

A Closer Look at Functional Medicine

This form of medical care was created in 1991, and each patient receives an individualized treatment plan. The focus of treatment is finding the triggers or underlying causes of an illness first. The patients who seek care with functional medicine often have chronic conditions that aren’t responding to traditional medical methods. Many individuals consider this type of health care as a form of holistic medicine that is often combined with other alternative or traditional types of medical care.

What are the Benefits?

This form of medical care provides benefits for a variety of chronic health problems. With functional medicine, a medical professional gets down to the bottom of what is causing your medical issues. Some of the things that may be considered are your daily surroundings, diet, exercise and genetics. A functional medicine practitioner will examine you along with collecting medical images, your medical history and other information.

While many physicians will only focus on one aspect of your well-being, a functional medical professional considers everything to understand what is wrong with your mental and physical health. In addition, while traditional medical practitioners may only talk to you for a few minutes, a functional medicine practitioner will take more time to talk to you about your overall health.

Experience the Difference

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