How Can Genetic Testing via PathwayFit Help with Weight Loss?

It is well-known that about one-third of the people in the US are obese. It is also known, through recent research, that people respond differently to different foods, which is why there are so many fad diets for losing weight. Some people can eat fatty food and not gain weight and others live on salads and still don’t lose weight. With genetic testing via PathwayFit, a person’s unique genetic profile gives our team of professionals the information we need to guide weight loss management while improving overall health.

It is much easier to follow a diet that keeps you healthy and helps you lose weight than to go through trial and error diets until your health suffers or you are ready to give up on losing weight. Your PathwayFit plan can recommend meal plans and vitamin supplements that your body may need and absorb.

If you are interested in learning about your genetics and how that knowledge can help optimize your weight and overall health, genetic testing via PathwayFit may be for you.

While obesity may be an epidemic, it is reversible with monitoring of the right kind of exercise and nutrition. Many serious diseases can develop if you are obese, including type-two diabetes, heart disease, and certain kinds of cancer. With the PathwayFit genetic test, you can learn the type of diet that will work for you.

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