The Meaning of Commitment

Compassionate people say what they mean and do what they say. They make bold promises and keep them.

Average people do what they say as long as it’s convenient…some of the time.

What do these words evoke in you? Are you compassionate or average?

Honestly, commitment doesn’t have conditions.

Do you follow through with a commitment whether it feels good or not or do you follow through based on what you feel like doing?

Can you count on one hand how many times you made a commitment and it stuck?

What gets in the way of a commitment? The strength of your desire to accomplish the goal that you have set out for yourself. The level of your commitment is based on the strength of your desire.

People who succeed are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Nothing gets in their way of success. Whether it be a weight loss program, an exercise routine or a commitment to personal growth, nothing stands in the way of accomplishment.

So, let’s ask the question, why don’t you keep your commitments/resolutions? Is it easier to just be comfortable—refuse to push higher or become more—let “good enough” stand in the way of spectacular. Is it more important to being “right” so you don’t make an agreement that could put you in a position of being wrong? Is it easier to be accepted “as you are” versus being bold and missing out on how much more you could be for yourself and others? Is your hesitation around fear of failure?

Compassionate people choose to; average people have to— but don’t follow through.

New years Resolutions are one example and opportunity to be committed, or to be average. Are you willing to look ahead and evaluate what you’d like to change—and take the steps to be successful?

Here are some tips for success:

1: Take personal responsibility for your success. Everything you have, or don’t have in life is because of the choices you have made. Failure comes when you blame others.

2: You have the choice and liberty to make changes

3: You are willing to not be a victim of your circumstances. The blame game gets you nowhere.

4: Are you willing to focus on your goal? Be honest with your commitment? Be willing to honor and trust yourself to follow through on a daily basis?

5: Are you willing to make the daily small steps that lead to success and have the courage not be overwhelmed?