Are You Eating T.R.A.S.H.?
Trans fats that stiffen cell walls and decrease nutrient uptake
Reduced amounts of protein, vegetables and fruit in your diet
Absence of a balanced eating schedule
Sugar as the main staple in your diet
Huge portions of food each time you eat


Believe it or not the above statements are the foundation of many people’s eating habits. Maybe you are one of those people or maybe you know of someone whose definition of nutrition is TRASH.

Our bodies were never designed to exist on a diet of TRASH. The onslaught of nutrient depleted,
chemically laden “food” available to consumers has cost us years of life and diminished the quality of
living. Our Golden years, in fact all years, are meant to be celebrating life, but instead, many are on the
trajectory of death—burdened with multiple health problems that deplete savings accounts and keep us
from enjoying life.

Children are now experiencing illnesses that once were only thought of as “adult” diseases. Our children’s future may mean both diminished years and diminished quality of life. A recent study pointed out that many children born of this generation will NOT outlive their parents!! So, I can help you with one solution: QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS. While supplements do NOT replace a healthy nutrition plan, if you aren’t able or willing to change your lifestyle and schedule more time for healthy eating; at the least, take quality, professional grade supplements!

At The Metabolic Institute our mission is about quality of CARE and QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS. Our
supplements do not contain fillers, heavy metals, dyes and preservatives. Our supplements are
manufactured to the same standards as pharmaceutical drugs, unlike over-the-counter ones which
contain synthetic or cheaper forms of vitamins and minerals. Our supplements are the highest quality
meeting the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)
standards. With our supplements, you are getting the most effective and natural form of the vitamin for
the best absorption possible.

In Health and Happiness…Debbie and The Metabolic Institute Staff