Genetic Testing

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is comprehensive testing in which laboratory methods are used to collect information from genes, or the DNA structure, of an individual. Genes are the genetic makeup that we inherit from our parents. By testing our genes, we can reveal important health information, such as the increased risk of health concerns, identifying treatments, or potential responses to treatments.

Types of Genetic Testing

Here at The Metabolic institute, we offer a variety of genetic testing geared towards your specific goals including comprehensive genetic testing which collects data necessary for supporting healthy lifestyle choices. This type of genetic testing is successful in supporting things like nutrition, exercise, detox pathways, estrogen metabolism, immune function, and cardiac function. Diagnostic testing, which is designed to accurately identify a disease that is causing an individual’s illness. This kind of testing is useful for looking for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Other forms of testing we offer include Pharamacogenetic testing, which is beneficial in identifying how specific genetics can respond to different medications. These tests typically target the metabolism and immune system related to certain drugs.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a preventative measure that can provide health advantages including:

  • Diagnose illness
  • Create a specific lifestyle plan
  • Look for changes in genes that could cause certain illnesses
  • Identify how severe an illness has gotten
  • Help to decide the best treatment option for specific individuals
  • Identify genes that could be passed to children.

Genetic testing can be positive even if it does indicate an abnormality. It can create a sense of relief for some people by eliminating uncertainty they may have had. While results can also substantially help doctors to indicate the proper treatment plan for their patient. Genetic testing can assist people in making difficult decisions regarding their family’s health, or help provide information towards taking preventative steps to avoid diseases they may be at risk of. Your DNA can also reveal useful lifestyle information such as what diet and exercise plan may be most effective for you.

Receive Genetic Testing

If you are curious about the potential health information your DNA could reveal, maybe it’s time you consider getting genetic testing. Reach out to our office here at The Metabolic Institute to learn more. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!